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A Hug
Your arms around me
Your head nestled on my shoulder
Your face buried in the soft curls of the hair on my chest
Holding me so tightly
Driving all my insecurities away
Feeling your hair against my face
Gently tickling my nose as I catch the sweet scent of you
Your hands moving about my back
Sending chills throughout my body
Touching my heart with each caress
So firm . . . yet . . . so gentle
So strong . . . yet . . . so kind
Your arms envelop me in a sea of calm and warm waters
I become lost and helpless in your arms
They overpower my will
I give in to your desires
I am yours
My love
With just a hug from you
I am yours

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Just another day
Just another day
But to us another year
Many years it has been
Ten, Twenty... more?
Many years ago
I pledged my love to you
Many things have happened
Our lives have been changed
Promises broken
And more promises made
We've many storms behind us
And many more to come
But weather has not beaten
The souls yet into the earth
Still alive are we
In our hearts and minds
Would that love continue to burn
Brightly within our hearts
Within our souls
Within us
Is all I hope for
On this day
Just another day
But to us another year
In our lifetime


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Now keep in mind this next one I wrote when I was 14
The one I love
I'd like to be
Someone who can see
Beyond the earth and sea
What's between you and me
I'd like to know
What I have to show
Where I have to go
So that I can know
What it is I see
Between you and me
What I see
Between you and me
What will I have to hear
A sound so perfect, so clear
The sound of a laugh or a tear
So I can draw you near
I would like to know why
Will I have to search the sky
Should I be boastful, or shy
Should I persist or leave, with a sigh
What is there for me to do
So I can say three words to you
So you'll know what I say is true
When I finally say?.I love you!
I think I will whisper it to a dove
Who can fly and sing it out above
The few words I am thinking of
These words are..You're the one I love
Will you hide me under an eave
Hide me away like a dead dry leaf
Let you go to watch me grieve
With someone else like a common thief
Should we let our love rise
Or let you see other guys
Should we try on others for size
I don't know..would that be wise
So once again I say my love
You're the one I am thinking of
Please hear my cry from below and above
You, you're mine, you're the one I love
Michael  1971

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A Dream Fulfilled
I dream as well
Of a peaceful existence
No fighting or bickering
Only love and understanding
No harsh words
No hidden agenda
I dream of a life of love
With a love for life
A love for me that no other can give
A gift freely given
Not a love that is fashioned of convenience
Not a love built on material goods
Not a love of meaningless facade for all to see
But a love built on hopes and dreams
Upon which I can further build a life
With that one special person
That one being for whom I yearn
To share a life with
That one person who's heart beats for mine
And mine for hers
For that one special entity whose soul
Shares a space in time with mine..  my soulmate
Perhaps I will continue to dream
Of this love, this bliss
Without ever having it within my grasp
Within my reach
Within me
Alas, I will not die alone and in despair
As only knowing
That such a love can and does exist
Is more than what I need
To take one more breath
To permit one more heartbeat within my chest
To live yet another day
I know there is this love
It is somewhere awaiting me
Awaiting my touch, my hands
To grasp and hold forever
My life complete
My love fulfilled
No longer a dream

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One Loving Tear

Amazing that a tear can form from such happiness.
Are there more in waiting?
Silently awaiting for further emoting,
 From deep within.
Moved are we, from within, we feel the swelling of loves tide.
Are we yet ready to again feel it crash upon our souls,
 Pummel our less important thoughts
And dispose of them into the abyss of lost memories?
If only for a moment
Perhaps those mundane thoughts
Will not find their way back to our minds
For an hour, a day, a week!
Sweet bliss to be filled only with love,
 In our hearts, our minds,ourselves
 As one
For as long as time permits.....
 Perhaps even longer.....!
For this I too shed a tear, one then another.... 
 The trail forms upon my face
And slowly makes its way to the floor at my feet.
Pure love!
True love!
Chaste and unending!
How can one not be brought to tears
 Unless of course, one has not the power
The knowledge to truely love.......
As you and I both know,
 Is the case with oh so many we know..... 


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Her head lay gently on my chest
The sweet scent of her hair filled my nostrils
Her hands placed round my neck
Holding on
Tightly, yet tenderly
I could feel her breasts
As they pressed against me
Her heart beat in unison
In time with mine
I can feel the firmness
Of her abdomen
Pressed against my own
Our legs would graze
One another's as we danced
Our breathing is opposite
She breathes out
And I breathe in
I can feel her warm moist breath
Upon my chest
Warming me
Calming me
The music playson
So close are we to each other
Holding on oh so tight
Nothing can pass between us
My hands clasped together
At the small of her back
Just a wince above her bottom
I could just feel the change
In the contour of her back
To where it ended
And her bottom began
Such a perfect place
To rest ones hands
I believe our maker
Had slow dancing in mind
When we were designed
We were made to fit together
So closely
With a place for each of us
To place our hands
The small of her back
The back of my neck
So perfect did we fit together
So long did we dance
The days and nights pass
Some fast, some slow
Yet we still dance
To our own music
Our own melody and beat
'Tis a long dance this has been
And with no end in sight
We are ready to hold on
And dance
As long as GOD permits
Forever we dance

Michael F. Palmosina

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Rain falls about me
Here in the deep forest
The colors of life all about me
The green of the leaves
The brown of the trees and their limbs
The rainbow of colors of the many flowers
And the forest animals and their many coats
All about me
And the rain...... Oh yes, the rain!!!

Oh I love the smell of rain
It excites the very core of my being
To be out in the gentle rain
In the woods
Listening as each drop stikes its target
On its journey to the ground
A parched leaf
A dry and dusty tree limb
An acorn, a pine cone, a flower
Everything in the path of the rain
Now glistens with lifegiving moisture
The rain gives life to the leaves, to the earth, the trees
The leaves fill with water
When one leaf can hold no more
The rain gently rolls off
And continues on to perhaps another leaf
Perhaps the ground
Or maybe even me....
Or you?...

Imagine our lovemaking
Under the cover of the forest
Its robe of green giving us shelter from all eyes
Except the forest creatures
They look on intently
Wondering what we are doing
So sweet the rain
The feeling of being wet from top to toe
The  cool rain gently beating against our skin
Each drop is felt
It brings a shudder to us
As it chills the fire we are making
With each moment of our intimacies
Still the forest floor is warm
The fauna continue to look on
Our scent fills the air
Bringing more of GOD's creatures to watch us.
Looking up, we see the eyes of oh so many
Watching us
Quietly staring at the fire of our passion
At the erotic ballet of our intimacies
As if to give homage
To the great love we are sharing
There on the forest floor
Mother natures skin
With father sky above us
Cooling our flames of passion
With the gentle rain...


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Because you love me! 

I say to be careful because, I love you.
I say be safe because, I love you.
I say have a safe drive because, I love you.
I say have some sweet sleep because, I love you.
I say i need you because, I love you.
I say sweet dreams because, I love you.
I say I want to spend the rest of my life with you because, I love you.
I say you have my soul because, I love you.
I say you are the keeper of my heart because, I love you.
I say what I do only because, I love you.
I say I love you because, I do, love you.
I know I can say whatever I need to you,
Because I know,
You love me!

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Michael Francis Palmosina II
Copyright 2001 Michael Francis Palmosina II

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